A home for the modern-day beach lover, the villa at Aduna Beach Villa is a haven of relaxation and peace. It is the perfect destination for vacation, retirement, and investments. The villa is also suitable for family gatherings, birthday parties, and wedding receptions.

Who are the developers

The company, MLD Builders, has always been committed to delivering high-quality real estate services and products. We understand that a solid, well-developed property can make or break a project.

The developer is a very good builder. The company has many projects already completed. They have been building many houses since 10 years ago and They have done all the projects that need to be finished. I can say for sure that MLD is a very good developer.

In addition to providing solutions to your problems with ease, their team is also very knowledgeable about the industry and provides top-notch services. They have developed different projects in the past and have done a good job. They are good partners in your real estate investments in Cebu.

Location of the Aduna Beach Villa

The villa is located just off the beach in Guinsay, Danao, Cebu, Philippines. It sits in a very peaceful area with lush vegetation surrounding it. The rooms are big and spacious. You can enjoy the beautiful view from the veranda. The facilities include a swimming pool which makes this a perfect getaway for any holiday.

Aduna Beach Villa - House and lot -
Aduna Beach Villa: Cebu North's No. 1 Best Villas for Vacation, Retirement, and Real Estate Investments 1

It is in the heart of Danao City, which is only a short drive from many important tourist destinations, including Cebu’s famous white sand beaches, and also to Mactan Island, the home of the world-famous Mactan Cebu International Airport.

What are the amenities of the Aduna Beach Villa

  • Gated with guardhouse
  • Perimeter fence – Concrete
  • 10 meters wide concrete roads, curbs, and gutters
  • Resort inspired sidewalks with lights
  • Clubhouse on the beachfront with separate male and female shower rooms
  • Infinity pool
  • 100-meter boardwalk with sundeck
  • Concealed underground electrical, telephone, and cable lines
  • Reliable Water distribution system
  • Underground sewerage system with three sewerage treatment tanks.
Aduna Beach Villa: Cebu North's No. 1 Best Villas for Vacation, Retirement, and Real Estate Investments 2

What are the Features?

With the structural shell in place, it’s time to start thinking about the finishes of the House and lot. The structural shell is usually reinforced concrete or other sturdy building materials. When you’re choosing your finishes, you want to choose materials that are easy to work with and won’t have a negative impact on the construction of the house.

For example, while concrete can withstand a lot of things, it’s not suitable for a lot of uses. Some materials like plywood are great because they are very strong, but they are also difficult to work with and require a large amount of maintenance. So, here are the features of the house and lot.

  • STRUCTURAL SHELL  :  reinforced concrete hollow blocks
  • ROOFING                      :  asphalt shingles
  • TERRACE                      :  1″ X 8″ wood composite flooring
    • GROUND FLOOR     :  24″ X 24″ ceramic tiles
    • LOFT                         :  wood flooring
    • EXTERIOR WALLS   :  skim coat finish w/ wooden sidings and rectangular cut stone accents
    • CEILING                    :  exposes wooden trusses in ground floor and plain ceilings in bedrooms (for loft units)
  • KITCHEN                       :  modular cabinets, granite countertop, and stainless steel sink
  • BATHROOM                  :  ceramic floor tiles, ceramic wall tiles, and elegant bathroom fixtures
  • MAIN DOOR                  :  sliding glass door
  • BEDROOM DOORS      :  pocket sliding door
  • TOILET DOORS            :  pocket sliding door
  • WINDOWS                     :  awning window
  • STAIRS                          :  floating stairs with solid wood planks and steel railings (for loft units)
  • BEDROOM CLOSET     :  built-in closet for bedrooms
  • ELECTRICAL                 :  ready electrical provisions for ACUU in all bedrooms and living room, provisions for cable T.V. in all bedrooms, provisions for the telephone in the living room, and pin lights in all bedrooms, living room, and kitchen area
  • WATER SUPPLY           :  Danao City Water District
  • SANITARY                     :  Individual three-chamber septic tank
  • PLUMBING                    :  PPR pipes
  • GARAGE                       :  crushed gravel

Community Features

One of the first things I look for when deciding whether a house and lot on a Beach Villa are worth buying is community features.  So, here are community features that could help you decide whether it is a good real estate investment or not.

  • 3 Hectares gated community
  • Exclusive with only 67 single detached villas
  • Pristine natural Surroundings
  • Landscaped park and playground
  • Mangrove Park
  • 240 Meters long beachfront
  • Wide beach ideal for strolling
  • Guard House with 24/7 security
  • More than 100 meters long boardwalk with sun deck
  • Tropical landscaped park and playground
  • Water system supplied by Danao Water District
  • 8.4 to 10.4 meters wide concrete roads, curbs, and gutters

There are two main reasons for investors buying beachfront property: The first is the location and the second is value. Location is the most important factor. A beach house is a very profitable investment for a couple of reasons. The location makes the biggest difference in your return.

Value. When you invest in a beach house you will make a profit on several different levels: You can live there rent-free; increase your net worth by using that property as collateral. Thus increasing your portfolio in real estate investments.